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Q: Is Snaptubetv free to use?

Yes, Snaptubetv is an 100% free app, no payment needed.

Q: Why Snaptubetv is not on Google Play? Is Snaptubetv safe?

Snaptubetv is not on Google Play due to Google’s Policy which prohibits YouTube downloading apps for copyright concern.
Snaptubetv is safe and clean, not virus or malware.

Q: Can I use Snaptubetv on my iPhone or iPad?

Snaptubetv is now available for Android only.

Q: How do I download videos?

When you find the video you would like to download, go to the detail page, click the download button on the lower right side, choose a resolution, download will then start.

Q: How do I search videos?

You can search videos in the search bar, or navigate to YouTube tab and search.

Q: How do I filter search results?

At the bottom of the result page, you can see Duration and All time options, with which you will be able to filter the results by length and uploaded date of the video.

Q: How do I update my Snaptubetv?

When there is a new version, you will get a notification to ask you to update. Click to download the updates. If the update doesn’t work, please go to to download the new version and install. If the installation fails, please uninstall the current Snaptubetv and install again.

Q: How can I contact Snaptubetv to give feedback or request cooperation?

There are 2 ways you can contact Snaptubetv - Go to Settings, click Report a Bug, or drop us an email:

Q: Is it legal to use Snaptubetv?

Snaptubetv can only be used for personal purpose, any violation will lead to terminal of the service. Please use Snaptubetv under the law of your country.


Topic2To Download Videos or Music from YouTube

To Download Videos or Music from YouTube
Q: When choosing to download mp3, is the mp3 downloaded or the video then converting to mp3?
The AUDIO file of YouTube video downloaded directly, and automatically converted to mp3 format.

Q: Why 1080p or 2k video download is not available?
For some x86 devices, 1080p video, mp3 and 2K video is currently not available for downloading. x86 devices are like Asus Zenfone, Lenovo K900, Acer Liquid C1, Lumia 1000, Moto XT890, etc.
For several YouTube videos, the original resolutions of which are less than 1920x1080, Snaptubetv only provides options no higher than the original quality.

Q: How can I download in a faster speed?
To speed up a certain task, you can try set the Max Download Tasks to 1 and pause all other tasks.
Or try to turn off the Fast Download Mode in the Settings.

Q: How can I set the task numbers, so that I can download more videos at the same time?
You can set the number from 1-10 in Settings - Max Download Tasks.

Q: Why there is no download button for YouTube videos?
Sorry, the service is not supported in your region due to the Terms of Service of YouTube.

Q: Download failed with the message "This website is not available in your country or region."
Sorry, the service is not supported in your region due to the Terms of Service of YouTube.


Topic3Download Videos from Other Sites

Download Videos from Other Sites
Q: How can I download Facebook video?
Please login your Facebook account in Snaptubetv, when there’s a video on your timeline/ group/ page, you’ll see a white download button on the up left corner of the video, click it to download.

Q: Why I cannot download the Facebook videos in HD resolution?
The files you downloaded from Facebook or other video sites except YouTube are the original file.

Q: Why can't I use 'copy url' to start downloading videos from my Facebook app?
The 'copy url' feature is currently only available for the videos shared to 'public', for those shared with secrets groups or limited friends, Snaptubetv can't access for now.

Q: How to download videos or pictures from Instagram?
Step 1, Find the video you want to download. Click the More button at the lower-right corner of the picture, near the Comment button.
Step 2, Click the Copy Share Url.
Step 3, Go back to Snaptubetv, Snaptubetv will automatically open the url, click Download button.

Q: Why is the download button in grey color?
Please first try to click the Play button of the video, and then the download button will turn red.

Q: Why the embedded youtube videos in some website are not available to download?
The embedded videos are currently not supported by Snaptubetv.

Q: It says ‘Failed to query video info’, what should I do?
The connection between you and the server is weak, please try again later. If the problem still exists, please send us a bug report with the video url.

Q: Why the download tasks stopped?
Download tasks stop when the network is unstable or too weak, the app automatically try to reconnect for limited time, if the network problem still exists, the download stopped. You can resume it manually.

Q: Why do I need to wait for a few seconds when downloading big files?
Snaptubetv needs some time when trying to store things on your device. Saving files to phone memory takes less time than storing to SD card.

Q: How can I download videos from websites that are not listed in the homepage or bookmark?
Copy the link of the video and paste it in the search box of Snaptubetv, and click Search or Enter.
Visit a site frequently? Add it to the homepage so that you don’t need to copy and paste urls next time.


Topic4To Save Files & Erase History

Q: How to download files to SD card?
Go to Settings in Snaptubetv, click Download Path, choose Phone or extSdCard, choose an existing folder or create a new folder, and click Yes. If there is no option of SD, please send Snaptubetv a bug report.

Q: How to remove search or download history?
Click the search box, pull up the page and you’ll see the Search History, click the Trash to erase the search history.
Go to My Videos - Downloaded, click the ... of the video, choose Delete, choose Delete history. If you want to delete the file, choose Delete file instead.

Q: How to visit the web page of my downloaded files?
Go to My Videos - Downloaded, tap the downloaded file, choose GO TO WEBSITE.


Topic5To Share Files or Apk

Q: How to share downloaded files?
Go to My Videos - Downloaded, click the ... of the video, tap Share it, choose file transfer or cloud service like Bluetooth, ShareIt, Dropbox, etc..

Q: How to share Snaptubetv?
Open the app, tap the Share button in the middle of the bottom bar and send the link to your contacts.

Q: Why can’t I share files to Whatsapp or Facebook contacts?
File music or video files transferring is not supported by Whatsapp or Facebook.


Topic6Update Fail

Q: What should I do if Snaptubetv fail to update to the newest version
Go to and download the new version there

Q: Why must I update Snaptubetv?
Because there are bugs in some versions that will disable the download function. So please use the new version to enjoy Snaptubetv better