10 best Japanese anime, don't miss it

I believe many people like Japanese anime, here is an inventory of the ten best Japanese anime for you, which one has not been watched yet, look at it now!

10.Sword Art Online

In this world, you can go anywhere with only a sword.-Kirito


We fear invisible things because we can't see them, and we fear them because we can't see them. So the sword in his hand waved down.

8. Cut! Crimson pupil

Either sad or painful. It is these sadness and pain that make us choose to move on. ——Brand

7, Naruto

There is only one life in the world. You don't have to choose a path that you don't like. It doesn't matter if you live or die. ———— Three Generations of Naruto

6. Attacking Giant
As long as you are there, I can do everything. ——Sanyu


5.Tokyo Ghoul

Rather than hurting others, I would rather be hurt. Dark version, if hurting others can protect me important people, then I am willing to do

-Jin Muyan

4.Dragon Ball

I just want to ask one thing, if I die, will I meet Carrot in the prefecture.


3.Death note

Someday I will let you see the shining world

——Night God Moon

2. Gintama

The wine is so good. It can make people forget the uncomfortable things temporarily, but it will be remembered as soon as tomorrow. It is even more uncomfortable than yesterday. It is impossible to escape, especially the things that you really want to forget ...

——Silver Time

1.One Piece

I won't rule this sea. On this sea, the freest person is One Piece!


10 best Japanese anime. Happy with this ranking? Which one do you like best?