Another fantasy comedy after

Following Chernobyl, HBO and the BBC finally gave off this finale fantasy comedy in 2019.

As the annual finale, Cass naturally need not say more.

Dafne Keen as the protagonist lyra.

He has played Laura, the young and medium Wolverine in "Wolverine 3".

"One Beauty" James McAvoy.

The famous Professor X, played as Lyra's uncle Lord Asriel.

There is also Ruth Wilson in Extramarital Affairs.

Play as the mysterious female character in the play, Mrs. Coulter.

The director is Tom Hobb who has directed "The King's Speech" and "Tragedy".

The lineup is gorgeous, and of course the plot is not much worse.

The background was explained at the beginning.

This is an overhead world different from the real world.

Time is roughly in Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

In this world, human souls are displayed in the form of animals.

Sharing the senses and destiny with others makes separation painful.

They are called "guardian spirits".

Although it is an overhead world, there are also ruling classes:

"The Lord taught the court."

In the world it governs,

People who explore the truth are accused of heretics.

Any whimsy will be considered heresy.

The Lord taught the court to control the freedom and thought of all.

But a witch prophecy about "a child with a great mission" has been circulating in this world.

This child is lyra, and the story begins here.

Twelve years ago, a world flood occurred.

Lyra's uncle Asriel entrusted Lyra and his guardian Pan to the care of John's University in Oxford.

And he embarked on his own journey to the North Pole to find the truth of the world.

Twelve years later, Asriel returned from the Arctic expedition.

And brought back two photos that are enough to subvert the world.

This confirms the words of the church.

Only adults can be swallowed up by dust, and children cannot.

Asriel's bold inference:

Perhaps there is more than one world, and a parallel world is likely to exist.

But the bishop kept concealing these truths, trying to blind everyone.

Although Asriel's research is supported by a group of scholars who long for truth.

But such a theory would inevitably be jealous of the ruling class.

Asriel and the school will be in danger, not to mention, even Lyra will be involved.

So the school decided to let the distinguished Mrs. Kurt take Lyra as an assistant and take him to London.

Before leaving, the principal gave Lyra a golden compass that could indicate the truth.

And told her to keep the compass's secrets, including Mrs. Kurt.

What exactly is this compass?

How to use it?

Why can't even Mrs. Kurt say?

No answer was given for the time being.

As the camera turns, a group of Gypsies is holding a ceremony of "elves setting."

The guardian spirit of a child, like his personality, changes with different personalities.

Such as lyra, the guardian spirit Pan usually appears in the form of weasel and cat.

The guardian spirit of an adult is fixed, reflecting the personality of a person.

Asriel's guardian spirit is a powerful snow leopard, as powerful as himself.

Elf setting means that a person is officially an adult.

But after the ceremony, a Gypsy boy named Billy disappeared inexplicably.

This is not a case. Prior to this, many children have disappeared one after another.

There are rumors that the children were all taken away by an organization called "饕餮".

In search of Billy, the Gypsies decided to go to the legendary old nest, London.

At the same time, lyra's friend Roger disappeared.

Mrs. Kurt told lyra that Roger might have been snatched.

So Lyra decided to go to London with Roger with Mrs. Kurt.

At this point, lyra's adventure journey officially started.


When she arrived at Mrs. Kurt's house in London, Lyra felt something was wrong.

The inexplicable sound of the ventilation ducts in the middle of the night;

The study that was always locked by Mrs. Kurt;

One night, Lyra discovered that Kurt's guardian spirit could act independently of the body.

You know, when the guardian spirit leaves people, both sides will feel pain.

More than that, a chance.

Lyra learned that Mrs. Kurt had a close relationship with the puppet organization ...

What exactly is Mrs. Kurt's identity?

Why did she keep herself by her side?

All these unknowns are telling lyra,

The journey this time was far from simple as I thought.

At the same time, there are many questions left to the audience.

What does it mean for a child to walk away?

Is Gypsies lyra's friend or foe?

How exactly does the compass that can predict the truth work?

There is also the so-called dust, what is it?

Behind a series of events, what deeper conspiracy is there?

The play is an adaptation of the fantasy novel "The Black Matter Trilogy" by the famous British writer Phillip Pullman.

In the United Kingdom, it has surpassed the best-selling new English drama in the past 5 years.

It is the most watched new drama after The Musketeers (7.4 million) in 2014.

Word of mouth is not bad.