Classic 10 magic movie inventory

Many people are fascinated by magical movies because of their grand scenes, exquisite pictures, special effects explosions, and other super scientific storylines.

1.The Lord of the Rings series

If you really like magic movies, the Lord of the Rings series must be a series that you will never be willing to delete. The magnificent magic epic, the absolute king of magic, is one of the must-see movies.

2. Harry Potter series

This series carries the childhood memories of a generation, the wild imagination, the changing magical world, how much I hope there is also a magic school. Every series in this series is very beautiful.

3.Pirates of the Caribbean Series

I especially like this series of movies. I like Captain Jack's humorous, tough, brave, and tenacious. Many times he is like Xiao Qiang who will never die, and his Black Pearl Pirate Ship. Jack gave us a pirate dream.

4.The Indiana Jones Trilogy

This series is a classic work on adventure. Each of them has a lot of laughs, and the various organs are very clever. There are all kinds of props, which are very good. Xiao Bian's favorite is the third one, how about you?


This series is one of the classic vampire movies. It is relatively beautiful. The male lead is handsome. In addition, the love story is complete, smooth, and there are not many magical things. I am afraid that there are more girls than boys in this series. .

6.Alice in Wonderland

This movie is more about pictures and special effects. The pictures are really beautiful, the special effects are really gorgeous, and the plot is a big flaw.

7. Van Hessing

This film combines vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein and other elements, through computer special effects to make the scene unusually gorgeous, and a very good soundtrack is also a highlight, the plot is a bit empty, the whole is OK.

8.The Hobbit Series

This series is also a series that Xiaobian likes very much. The screens are gorgeous, and the devil's play is smooth and gorgeous. With an unparalleled music background, it is an audio-visual feast.

9. King Bahobali

There are two films in this movie. The male and female fathers and sons are born with divine power. They are simple and rude, which is ideal for me. In addition, they are bloody and epic.

10.Prince of Persia

This is a film that combines the elements of Chinese martial arts, parkour self-attacks, combat, bungee jumping, skateboarding, and rock climbing, and the Moonlight Treasure Box.

Which series of movies do you like best?