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                                                                    《Ready or Not》

At the beginning of the movie, it was a fairy tale that Cinderella married Prince Charming.

Grace grew up in a foster family and has been eager to have a real family since she was a child.

When Alex grew up in the magnificent clan, in Grace's words, the Alex family was richer than God.

After two months of falling in love, they decided to get married.

The wedding was held at Alex's home.

Obviously it was a wedding, but the festive atmosphere was not felt at all.

Instead, this huge family reveals weirdness everywhere.

First, Alex's brother Daniel said to the newcomer,

"It's too late to escape."

Alex also said to Grace,

"Daniel is right, we can just walk away. You still have a chance to regret it."

Seeing that the wedding is about to begin, why run away?

Alex's father complained to Daniel,

"He obviously could marry a better one."

Daniel's wife said,

"She will never be part of us."

Alex's aunt Hailin has been staring at Grace with sharp and vicious eyes.

Look at this look, it can kill people.

see it?

Getting married is not a matter of two people.

Ordinary girls without fathers and mothers are doomed not to be easy.

The difficulty is still behind.

On the night of the wedding, Grace and Alex were having an affection.

Suddenly I saw Hailin's terrible face.

The door lock is good. How did she get in?

Why did she suddenly appear on the wedding night?

Let's start with the first question. Every room in the Alex's house has a hidden door.

Alex claims that this is a passage for servants, but is it really the case?

Let's talk about the second question. Alex's family is called Ledomus.

They prefer to call themselves "Ledomus Game World."

The family became rich with board games.

The reason their family business is getting bigger and bigger is because someone has been secretly funding them-Mr. Lebel.

Funding is not without cost.

Whenever a new member of the Ledomus family comes, he or she plays a game with the whole family.

When the family members put a blank playing card in the mysterious box sent by Mr. Lebel, the new member draws cards, and the drawn cards will automatically display the name of the game to be played.

These games may be backgammon, checkers, croquet, etc. The most terrible is hide and seek.

Hide and seek is not simple, you hide and I find.

The whole family must find and kill the new one before dawn, and sacrifice him or her to Mr. Leber, otherwise the whole family will suffer.

In other words, this is a hunting game.

Because it is the scariest, this game is not common.

The last time you played this game was 30 years ago when Aunt Melin was married.

As you might have guessed, Grace's game is exactly hide and seek.

Until then, Grace knew nothing about the family tradition and the dangers of the game.

To prevent Alex from helping Grace, the family members locked him in the room.

Count to 100 and the game officially starts.

Everyone in the family was assigned a weapon.

There are shotguns, axes, and bows.

Silly white sweet bride and a group of hunters with sharp weapons, who can survive to the end?

A hunting game,

Not only must the thrill of hunters be about to kill their prey, but also accidents and reversals to be beautiful.

That's it, Are You Ready?

Grace tempted again and again on the edge of life and death, making people breathless.

After Alex's sister Emily shot and killed a maid as Grace, Grace hiding behind the bed fully understood the cruelty of the game.

When the family heard the news, would they find Grace behind the bed?

Grace walked through the underpass, came out of a room, and met the family who was carrying the maid's body.

Behind her, Emily appeared with a gun.

How can Grace get caught between the front and back?

Thrilling moments like this abound.

Although looking at the progress bar, we know that Grace will not die too soon,

But the closed scenes and intense soundtrack can still scare you.

You never know what will happen next, this is the scariest part of horror movies.

Since it is a horror movie, how can there be only chasing and no horror scenes?

"Ready?" Shows us a variety of ways to die beyond imagination.

Headshot dead.

Caught in a dark cabinet.

Shot dead by a sharp arrow.

Of course, the most amazing thing was the climax in the last five minutes.

As for who died and how she died, the shadow girl did not spoil her.

Having said that, you may think "Ready to Read" is a serious horror film.

In fact, it's a black comedy.

Isn't it easy for a group of people to kill someone?

But what if this group of people are stupid like pigs?

For example, Emily, accidentally killed two maids and let Grace run away from under her eyelids.

For example, Emily's husband, Fitch, hid in the room and searched online for the use of the crossbow.

The villain's IQ is not online, creating a temporarily relaxed and funny atmosphere for the movie.

"Ready?" Uses a midnight hunting game to ridicule the rich to sell their souls in exchange for wealth.

Although the Ledomus family was rich, they sold their souls to the devil.

Not only that, they also sacrificed outsiders to the devil.

On the surface, they are noble and elegant, belonging to high society.

In fact, they are extremely stupid, one more mindless than the other.

This is not only a contest between the poor and the rich, but also a secret battle between the wife and the in-laws.

If the bride wants to pass through the door, she must first experience a battle between her in-laws.

You feel cool and exciting in the movie.

In reality, it's "tears when you talk too much."

Before marriage, her mother-in-law expressed her appreciation and support for Grace.

After the marriage, her mother-in-law felt that Grace had prevented Alex from inheriting the family business and wished she would die.

Originally, Grace thought that Alex would help herself in the battle against her in-laws.

Is that really the case?

It was this man she trusted so much that she aimed the knife at Grace's chest at the last minute.

Seeing the end, the film title has a very realistic prefix.

Are you ready for a man you may not know?

Are you ready to face your in-laws and family?

Are you ready to get married?