Frozen 2: The details are so well done that even the hairs on the hands are spared!

"Frozen 2" is finally released in the highly anticipated. Netizens who have seen it said that the clothing is still super beautiful, and even want to know how many "Frozen Same" skirts Disney can sell this time. Talk about Frozen 2 ~

Frozen 1 impressed us too much. Whether it ’s the plot or the music, of course, the most important thing is the quality and beautiful scenes produced by Disney. So let ’s take a look at the exciting part of Disney, known as the “devil of detail”, in Frozen 2.

I believe that before the release of "Frozen 2", friends who have seen this promotional image must be shocked by the details of Disney.

The clothes and hair that have been magnified several times, the decoration and hair on them can be clearly seen and very realistic, making countless netizens sigh "Disney is indeed Disney".

After the film was released, naughty netizens who loved to watch the movie with a magnifying glass, they found the detailed and outrageous pictures in Frozen 2 again.

The enlarged picture not only can clearly see the hair strands, but also the materials of different clothes are clearly displayed. Even the careful netizens enlarged the picture again and found that even the sweat on Anna's hands can be seen clearly!

Disney is really too strong! These 6 years of waiting are worthwhile, as long as you can produce fine products, you are not afraid of time.

And this strict requirement for details is not only felt by the protagonist, but can be felt by all characters.

Just an old outfit, the details of the years of wear and tear in the place of the zipper are vividly displayed.

The ubiquitous details are not only in the details of the characters, but also in the fur of the reindeer. It seems that it is soft, and the more you look at it, the more you want to rub.

Disney has done a terrible job even in the details of the environment, feel it.

The roadside stones, the weeds on the ground and the red leaves on the ground are all vivid.

Well, today I have shared it here, and everyone has not looked at the urge again?