If you haven't watched Marriage Stories, your list of top 10 movies for 2019 is incomplete

For a long time, online movies and cinema movies are inexorable.

The film industry is constantly controversial about whether or not online movies are considered film art.

Spielberg has said that streaming companies such as Netflix should not be allowed to participate in the Oscars.

The fact is, although "Roman" produced by Netflix was rejected by the Cannes Film Festival, it won three awards at the Academy Awards.

Either way, streaming media is breaking down barriers to online and cinema films.

This year, Netflix has swept the awards season with two king bombs and hit the Oscars.

One is "The Irish" by Martin Scorsese,

The other is from Noah Baumbach--

                                                                                                                 "Marriage Story"

The film was selected as one of the top ten films of 2019 by The Times, The Guardian, and the American Film Institute.

Adam Dreyfus and Scarlett Johnson, who played male and female protagonists respectively, were shortlisted for the top ten performances of the year by the New York Times.

In a word, if you haven't watched "Marriage Stories", your top ten list of movies in 2019 is not complete.

The movie begins with an 8-minute montage.

In Nicole and Charlie's description of each other, we see a pair of fairy relatives.

The description is simple and vivid.

They know what kind of people they are, what their personalities and strengths are.

Nicole was born in a Los Angeles acting family and has appeared in sexual comedies.

She could have continued to be a movie actor in Los Angeles. She came to New York for Charlie and became a playwright.

Charlie started from scratch very early and came to New York from Indiana alone.

As a play director, he is talented and ambitious. As a husband, he is self-reliant and can withstand all the emotions from Nicole.

Most importantly, they know each other's personal habits and details of life that others do not know.

Charlie knows that Nicole always makes a cup of tea but doesn't drink it, knowing that her arms are strong, and opening the can is a breeze.

Nicole knows that Charlie likes to gobble when he eats, and knows he has a temper and loves to wake up in the middle of the night.

If it were not for deep love, they would not know each other so deeply.

Fear is only deep love, and a person's shortcomings will become fun and cute.

When we were stuffed with two mouthfuls of dog food, we discovered that they had separated and were going through a divorce.

Since Nicole filmed a drama, he took his son Henry back to his hometown in Los Angeles.

After hearing that Nicole was preparing to divorce, a colleague introduced her to a divorce lawyer named Nora.

The law states that if a divorce party seeks a lawyer and the other party fails to find a lawyer within the prescribed time, it means waiving all rights and accepting any claims from the other party.

As a result, Charlie had to fly from New York to Los Angeles over and over again to find a lawyer.

In the beginning, the indifferent fame and love parties only wanted to divorce dignifiedly.

Unexpectedly, in order to fight for the custody of Henry, the two sides not only went to court, but also tore each other's faces during the trial.

All the big mistakes have become the point of attack by the lawyers of both sides, and all the unhappiness of the marriage has been shown to the fullest.

He was derailed and she was drunk.

He didn't find a professional to fasten the seat. She has appeared in sex movies before.

There is a classic line in the film:

"Criminal lawyers will see the best of the bad guys, and divorce lawyers will see the worst of the good guys."

Seeing that the situation is moving in an uncontrollable direction, how does Nicole and Charlie's marriage end?

"Marriage Story" lets us see how a marriage is coming to an end, and how a pair of lovers becomes a spouse.

There is no lack of external influences between Nicole and Charlie.


Nicole wanted to return to Los Angeles to make a show, but Charlie's career focus was in New York.

One east and one west, the distance of a country is also the distance of a lover.

Such as derailment.

During the separation, Charlie derailed his colleagues in the theater.

In this regard, Charlie didn't have much guilt.

But in the end, these external factors are at best the cause of divorce.

The root cause of the emotional breakdown of the two is the serious imbalance between the power status of the two parties in the marriage.

In this marriage, Charlie's drama career became more and more successful, and Nicole's sense of self-worth became increasingly thin.

In Nicole's words, "I'm getting smaller and smaller, he really can't see me."

On the one hand, Nicole sacrificed too much for her marriage, even herself.

She moved from Los Angeles to New York for Charlie, becoming a film actor and a theater actor.

When she was acting, Charlie was picky, but the ideas she came up with were used in the play.

Charlie, on the other hand, was arrogant and selfish, and didn't care and respect Nicole's thoughts.

The apartment is Charlie and the decoration taste is Charlie.

Nicole wanted to move back to Los Angeles for a while, but Charlie never took it to heart.

Charlie neither asked Nicole what he wanted to do, nor supported Nicole's adventures.

He even asked Nicole to put her money into her own drama company.

Nicole said,

"If he just hugs me tightly and then says, of course I hope you have a place of our own, we might not divorce."

Charlie has always regarded Nicole as his accessory, and when Nicole's self-awareness awakens, their marriage has only two ways to go.

Or, Charlie makes some compromise and the two continue to live.

Or, two people divorced.

Obviously, even when it comes to divorce, Charlie is reluctant to make compromises.

Near the end of the movie, Nicole and Charlie broke out, and they poured out all the unwillingness and complaints buried in their hearts.

This 8-minute brawl is a classic.

They quarrel with their son and the other's native family, and they know each other's pain points best.

He said that she would only complain, poor acting, she said that he was arrogant and only thought of himself.

In the end, she scolded him asshole, and he cursed her to death.

But after all this, they will comfort each other and apologize to each other.

Watching this 8-minute quarrel, and then thinking about the 8-minute montage in the opening film,

Can not help but make people sigh, can not help but make people think of those lost love they have experienced.

In The Marriage Story, the director used Nora's mouth to show that people have different standards and requirements for women (mothers) and men (fathers).

"Jesus' mother was perfect. She was a virgin but gave birth to a child. The father who fully supported the child was not present. He never even went to her. He was in heaven.

God is the father, but God does not appear. So you have to be perfect, it doesn't matter if Charlie is a bastard. "

This passage is simply incredible.

In a patriarchal society, no matter how equal men and women are, it cannot be denied that men are in a better position than women.

Laura Dunn, who played Nora, nominated the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as a resolute female lawyer.

When it comes to divorce, people think of quarrels.

When people mention divorce, people evaluate their marriage failure.

But is divorce really all bad?

Not necessarily all.

The divorce allowed the lost Nicole to regain her value.

After the divorce, Nicole became a director as expected, and the director of the TV series won the award.

The divorce caused selfish Charlie to reflect on himself.

After the divorce, in order to get closer to his son, Charlie decided to stay in Los Angeles for a few years.

From this point of view, divorce can be regarded as fulfilling each other.

Although "Marriage Story" is about divorce, its background is tender.

In other words, even if you want to divorce, even if you tear your face, you are not completely indifferent.

Not only because they have been in love for many years, but also because they are still Henry's parents.

He chooses the onset of difficulty, and she will help him order food and know what he doesn't like.

He won the prize for his play, and she would sincerely congratulate him and give him a kiss.

She will give him the last haircut, he will repair the broken door of her house in the middle of the night, and she will still subconsciously call him "dear" ...

Divorce goes through quickly and time passes quickly,

But how can the love that has accumulated for many years suddenly disappear?

At the end of the movie.

Charlie choked to Henry, writing a letter about Nicole's strengths.

Nicole stood behind Charlie and thoughtfully.

By this time, Nicole had started a new life in Los Angeles and had a new love.

Even if there are so many regrets, even if there is a touch of tenderness,

I ca n’t go back anymore.

This is the saddest place after a relationship ends.