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From the first season of airing in 2013 to the fourth season just returned, the Rick and Morty series has been highly rated.

According to a statistic, "Rick and Morty" is the favorite animated episode for American audiences aged 18-34.

What kind of animation can get such a high score?

Let me introduce it to everyone.

                                                                                              Rick and Morty Season 4

This is a science-fiction adventure animated series developed by the creators of "Waste Wood Alliance" Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The figures of the grandfather and grandson draw on the classic movie "Back to the Future". Adult Swim aired on Adult Swim.

Rick is a genius scientist with no discipline. He is always drunk, full of food, and looks crazy.

Rick's grandson Morty, a 14-year-old junior high school student, was mocked by the poisonous tongue grandfather all day.

The whole story mainly tells the story of Grandpa Rick and his grandson Morty traveling through time and space to carry out various bizarre universe adventures.

At first glance, this adventure story through time and space seems to be the granddaughter version of "Doraemon", but as an adult animation, "Rick and Morty" is much more important.

There is a need for sex-related paragraphs

Bloody scene

Chicken soup, verses, and irony of reality

The first episode of Season Four, which has just returned, is still familiar with the recipe and familiar taste.

Rick took Morty to a planet to collect the "death crystal". By touching this crystal, one can see his possible future death.

However, Rick was not interested in his own method of death. He collected these crystals only for selling money.

Morty picked up a piece of death crystal and saw one of his thousands of ways of death "to die with the goddess Jessica".

In order to achieve the best way to die, Morty secretly hid a crystal and took it away.

On the way back to Earth, Morty accidentally killed Rick.

That's right, the story of the hero's death and the destruction of the earth is commonplace in this play.

Rick knew that this stupid grandson would kill himself one day, so he had prepared an emergency plan.

He had implanted a chip in Morty's body earlier. When he encountered an accident, he would automatically generate a projected AI Rick to instruct Morty to clone himself.

When Morty picked up his grandfather's DNA and put it into the clone editor, he subconsciously touched the crystal again. According to Crystal's hint, this current behavior will lead his life to other ways of death.

As a result, beauty is better than Morty, who loves grandfather, and refuses to clone Rick.

Does Rick, the protagonist, also have a box lunch?

of course not.

He also has plan B--

Sending his backup data to the clone in the parallel universe, as long as he can smoothly return to the ontological universe, he can "resurrect".

Unfortunately, Rick's clones were always born in a Nazi-dominated world, and he had to kill himself again and again to activate the clones of the next parallel universe.

On the side of Morty, in order to achieve the only "Happy Death", he was afraid of doing nothing at first,

Later, he simply gave up his thinking and obeyed Crystal's orders for all actions. Morty, who had fallen into madness, became the "public enemy of the world".

In the end, Morty was completely reduced to a crystal puppet.

Fortunately, Rick, who was born in the relatively normal Wasp universe, arrived in time to help Morty get rid of the crystal control.

But the question is, if Morty really follows Crystal's guidance, can he finally spend his life with Jessica?

The ending egg tells us that Morty thinks more.

He could indeed die in the company of Jessica, but that's just because Jessica is doing hospice work, specializing in lonely and elder people.

What a sarcastic black humor, Morty's "happiness death method" that he could pursue, but that's it; it's better to let it go and live yourself.

At the end of this episode, there is another Easter egg to mourn the producer of the show.

"Rick and Morty" uses the wildest imagination and the most taboo expression to deconstruct people and things in this ordinary world.

In a sense, watching "Rick and Morty" is a counterattack against the ordinary world.