Recommend 8 super good healing movies

                                                                                               “The Addams Family”

Adams Manor lives in a typical Gothic family. Gomez and his wife lived here all year round, filled with a gloomy and corrupt atmosphere. The relationship between them is like honey, and they have a pair of children who like to play murder games. There was a scar buried in Gomez's heart. That is, he had lost peace with his elder brother Fest, who has been missing for 25 years, and Gomet still couldn't hold back his longing for his elder brother. The mother who is desperate to capture the wealth of Adams Manor and the place here has a son Gordon (Christopher Lloyd), who looks like Fest. Then, a conspiracy was staged, and she instructed Gordon to pretend that Fest had sneaked into the Adams Manor and used the brotherhood of Gomez to take the manor step by step. Sure enough, Gordon's arrival not only greatly surprised Gomez, he gradually integrated into the family life here, and the Gomez family also fell into danger. When they were taken away from their property and suffered bitterly, things changed again and again.

                                                                                          “Neko nanka yondemo kona ”

The film is adapted from a picture book comic created based on the two cats that appeared in Sugiku ’s masterpiece "The Cool Diary of a Black Cat (Original Name: ク ロ 号)". This is a story about a protagonist who likes dogs because his brother suddenly picked up two wild cats and started living with the cat.

Guangxiong, who has been approaching years (Fujima Shunsuke) devoted himself to boxing, once dreamed of winning the world championship. On this day, as a cartoonist's brother (Tsurano Takeshi), he picked up two kittens-Xiao Hei and Xiao Yan, and their arrival inadvertently changed Guangxiong's life.

                                                                                               “ En man som heter Ove ”

The film tells the story of a man named Ovie who committed suicide after his wife Sonia died but failed to succeed.

Ou Wei, 59 years old, has a weird temperament and is too East and West. He dangles in the community with indestructible principles, daily routines and a temperament of temper at any time. He goes around early every morning, moves the bicycle that has not stopped in the grid, checks whether the garbage is classified according to regulations, complains about who ’s lawn is not trimmed, and curses the stray cat that has lost hair. Endless. He wanted to follow his dead wife and commit suicide. Until one November morning, when a conversation, the couple and their two daughters, moved to the next door and accidentally broke his postbox.

                                                                                      “ Me and Earl and the Dying Girl ”

The film is adapted from the same-name novel "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" by Jesse Andrews, and tells the story of a lonely high school student Greg who met Rachel, a girl with leukemia.

Not good at socializing high school student Greg (Thomas Man) and his only friend Earl (RJ Seller) enthusiastically "forced" with Greg's mother Rachel (Ao Livia Cook) makes friends, and Greg, who is rebellious, accidentally finds that the girl is very similar to herself. However, the girl's illness was getting worse, which also affected Greg's life. Greg and Earl as movie enthusiasts definitely made a movie for Rachel

                                                                                           “The Royal Tenenbaums”

The film tells the story of a family named Trenbaum who broke up the whole family after the divorce of his host Roy and his wife Ethelien, and Roy pretended to be seriously ill and brought his family back in order to save the family

Roy Tren (Jean Huckman) and his wife, Ethelien (Angelica Houston), have three children, and they are all natural wizards. Son Chas (Ben Stiller) has an unbelievable sense of real estate. He started his own business at the age of 12, and later started a business on Wall Street by operating real estate; his daughter Margaret (Gwenny (Patlow) was a screenwriter at the age of 14; his other son, Ricky (Luke Wilson), was a junior tennis champion. However, Tren's family did not think that their children were harmonious and happy, but broke because of lies and betrayal. Tren and his wife left home after divorce; Chass became nervous after his wife died, worrying about the safety of two sons all day; the lady-like Margar is actually a 20-year-old smoker Gun ", and has not published works for many years, and maintains a passionate marriage with her neurologist's husband; Rich has lost his heart after losing in a competition, and now sails around the world to pass the time. Tren, who has been away from home for many years, began to miss his wife and children, eager to return to the family to enjoy the joy of family. In order to achieve this, he announced that he had been diagnosed with gastric cancer by a doctor and had only six weeks of life left. The news brought the separated family together again. Although everyone was out of place at the beginning, their relationship was Subtle changes are happening quietly. After the family has regained cohesion, how should Tren explain his "illness"?

                                                                                          “ Honokaa Boy ”

"Hawaii Boys" is a Japanese feature film released on March 14, 2009. It is directed by Sanada, starring Okada and Keisuke Keisuke. The film is adapted from Rei Yoshida's essay book of the same name and tells the background of a small town where Japanese immigrants gather on the island of Hawaii.

Lingxiong (Osuda Okada) is not good at getting along with others because his girlfriend (Yuai Aoi) said that he wanted to see the rainbow of the moon at night, so he arranged a trip to Hawaii. "Hawaii and Hawaii are not the same thing at all!" The girlfriend was in a bad mood, and Lingxiong was silent. For a long time, if he felt that the atmosphere was wrong, Lingxiong would not say a word, and he didn't know how to resolve it. This was his shortcoming. The last trip ended in disappointment.
Half a year later, Lingxiong settled down in Honoka Village, north of Hawaii. He didn't know what he was going to do, and found a job as a broadcast assistant in a local movie theater. One day, Lingxiong met a local celebrity, a mother-in-law who especially liked pranks (Bai Chieko). Mother-in-law Bi told Lingxiong, "From tomorrow onwards, come here for dinner every day." Since then, Lingxiong's life has changed. Bi mother-in-law is also glad to have his company. This boy who eats particularly deliciously seems to be a family member who suddenly appears. Everyday dinner is the language of the two. Gradually, mother-in-law no longer loves to tease people as before.
Lingxiong meets a particularly laughing girl, Ma Laiya (Hasegawa Jun), and he falls in love. And this love brought Lingxiong a life change ...


The film tells the story of a 32-year-old "squat at home" who encountered a series of setbacks after moving out of the family due to conflicts with his sister, and finally changed himself through boxing.

A child who has been around for a long time is bored all day, she has no intention to help take care of her own restaurant and play games all day to kill little nephew. After her divorce, her younger sister returned to her family after divorce. Feeling that he was not moved by his family, and found a cashier position at the hundred-yuan supermarket that he visits daily. This shop is full of strange people, and among them, Yi Zi's mood is getting more and more distressed. By chance, she and the unknown boxer Kano came together, but they couldn't even talk about love. When she was extremely depressed, she chose to learn boxing. She was eager to release her grievances and dissatisfaction, and she wanted to get the recognition even once.


                                                                                       “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

A family comedy film made by the famous French director Remy Bezosson in 2008. The film tells the life of a family of five. The most important shots in the life of five people are selected and cut into their lives. To understand the complicated and entangled emotions in the family, as the father said, the best gift is to watch the children grow up. Everyone knows how much love and pain is behind this, but this is life.

                                                                                                “(500) Days of Summer”

The film "(500) Days of Summer" is a love movie produced by Fox Searchlight in 2009. Directed by Mark Webb, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoe Danschel, the film was released in the United States on August 7, 2009.
The movie tells a surrealistic love story, a girl who does not believe in true love meets a boy who is crazy about falling in love with her. Tom made a living writing greetings for greeting cards. His mind was full of wonderful romance, and he didn't want to be thrown away by his girlfriend Shamo. To reflect on his and Samo's problems, Tom began to recall the 500 days he spent with the girl