South Korea has a high-energy suspense drama!

In terms of innovative themes, Korean screenwriters have never lost.

That ’s not it, following the story of "others are hell", another suspense thriller is coming-

The Perverted Murder Diary

The climax begins.

A serial killing was finally resolved.

There were 7 victims, and the killings of six of them were recorded in a killing diary.

The suspect, Lu Dongzhi.

Facing the reporter's inquiry, Lu Dongzhi admitted to the camera with a smile.

He is the murderer.

He also claimed that he was not a lunatic, but a psychopathic murderer.

The murderer was revealed at the beginning?

As a thriller, is this too casual?

Immediately after the camera turned around, time returned to three months ago.

At this time, Lu Dongzhi was no different from ordinary people.

What has to be summed up is a word, "suggest."

The neighbor next door made a noise while sleeping at night, and Lu Dongzhi went to the theory.

You can see that the other party is a triad, and Lu Dongzhi immediately persuaded.

In a hurry, he had to lie and found that he had found the wrong door and apologized.

This is the case. Lu Dongzhi was still taught by his "big brother".

Lu Dongzhi dare not speak up.

Life is so.

In the company, Lu Dongzhi is also a typical social animal.

Waiting in line to enter the elevator was afraid of Gaspard theory;

Coercion by colleagues to overtime is difficult to say;

It is also common to stay up late to write reports for colleagues;

Being verbally abused by the leader is even more common.

There is no doubt that he is a complete "bottom" employee who works at Daehan Securities.

Seeing here, is it a bit familiar?

The protagonist is set up with a murder statement at the beginning.

Is this another "Hell for Others" about social animals being forced into anti-social personality?

But after reading it, it turns out that the original story is not so simple.

On this day, an incident of fraudulent information occurred at Daehan Securities.

Many people urgently need someone to take responsibility for their investment failure.

The team leader and colleagues together, isn't soft persimmon Lu Dongzhi the best scapegoat?

The pot descended from the sky, and Lu Dongzhi returned home dejected.

Relatives learn at family gatherings,

It turned out that Lu Dongzhi was hurting everyone to invest in the employees who had drifted.

So he yelled at him and even fought.

After some dispute, the farce subsided.

But who knows, in the end, even knowing that Lu Dongzhi was the framed father, he also mourned his misfortune.

The phrase "useless guy" became the last straw that crushed Lu Dongzhi.

Life is in despair.

Lu Dongzhi decided to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Location, the company has not yet built a building.

However, I did not expect that once a person is unlucky, he cannot even commit suicide.

In this building, Lu Dongzhi witnessed the whole process of a murderer.

He even accidentally picked up the murderer's notebook.

The phone fell into the sewer, and the only one who can retrieve the memory,

All that was left was the red notebook picked up from the crime scene.

When I opened the notebook, the writing was reversed.

With his years of knowledge of crime books, Lu Dongzhi knew that this was the routine of The Da Vinci Code.

Looking at the diary in the mirror, Lu Dongzhi was stunned.

It turned out to be the whole process of the murder.

Look at the details of the crime in the notes, plus those scattered memories of the crime scene.

Although difficult to accept, Lu Dongzhi with amnesia "reacted" over,

Turned out to be a murderer?

From ordinary social animals, to inner perverted murderers.

Obviously, Lu Dongzhi, who has lost his memory, was temporarily unable to adapt to the change in this role.

However, no matter how Lu Dongzhi's rejection, he was still influenced by his diary.

Facing the difficulties of the leadership again, Lu Dongzhi, who had never been honest, had a bold idea:

Simulate the contents of the diary and kill him.

Skillfully arrange the crime environment, familiar with the crime.

This sophisticated technique makes Lu Dongzhi believe that he is really a murderer.

But after all, he wasn't really abnormal, and he failed in the end.

The leader escaped and reported the case.

After the police arrived, Lu Dongzhi imitated the murderer's words in the movie and calmly explained to the police.

The police eventually believed him.

The first crime was unpredictable.

At this point, Lu Dongzhi who tasted the sweetness of a "perverted murderer" finally confirmed that

Myself, really the worst cub in this street.

At the same time, in order to return himself to the murderer's design, Lu Dongzhi began to brainwash himself constantly:

Before I lost my memory, I was a very meticulous and cruel psychopathic murderer,

But I have to accept what I am!

In this way, Lu Dongzhi was caught in the second game of the role of "perverted murderer".

The diary says that I have to run five kilometers in the morning every morning?

Then pick it up.

But why do you run into a dog after a while?

It must be that the aftermath of the car accident is not good.

The habit of left-handed diary cannot be broken.

But why is it so ugly?

It must be that my hands have not fully recovered.

Still in vain?

It's okay, these are to disguise yourself.

I'm not a coward, I'm just pretending to be a coward.

After two episodes, the shadow girl finally suddenly became cheerful.

What suspense thriller?

From the perspective of God ’s perspective,

Isn't this a comedy of a sand-carved iron golem self-braining murderer?

To be able to take such a serious picture of the sand sculpture, the movie girl had to admire the singular brain hole of the Korean screenwriter.

But objectively speaking,

Setting up a misplaced life after amnesia is not new.

There is a reversal plot in the play, which is impressive.

After Lu Dongzhi confirmed that he was a murderer, he encountered the uncle next door in the elevator again.