The 10 best horror movies of 2019

In a stressful life, watching horror movies is a good way to relax. Here are 10 best horror movies to watch in 2019. Friends who like horror movies, come and watch them!

1. IT: Chapter Two

Twenty-seven years after the 1989 summer event, members of the Losers Club have grown up and moved away until an unknown phone call returns them to Deli, Maine, against their ancient, deformed enemy, dancing Clown Penny Wise.

2. Countdown

Honestly, this might be the scariest film of the year based on premise alone. Let’s be real—our phones are definitely going to kill us. In Countdown, an app has gone viral and when you download it, it will tell you when you’re going to die. Hilarious, right? The characters have the same reaction—until they determine that there seems to be a bit of truth behind the app when the numbers dial down. But an app can only be so omnipotent, so the leads in the film have to figure out what’s happening before time literally runs out.

3. Ready or Not

It is about the 19-year-old simple girl Penelope who is about to marry a wealthy man. On the night of the wedding, her husband Charlie's eccentric family member invited her to participate in a long-established tradition, which turned into a bizarre and deadly game that caused disaster.

4. Velvet Buzzsaw

At the Los Angeles Future Art Exhibition, gallerists, agents, artists, collectors, critics, art consultants, and multi-gold buyers are intertwined, talking and laughing, and art that must be called cannot be separated from money. One of the young women in the art world, Josephine (Zawe Ashton), found that an unknown artist who died in the same apartment unexpectedly died one day. When he accidentally walked into each other's home, Josephine was dumped by a large number of undisclosed works of art. She presented the paintings to the critic Mouff (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is a male-female critic, who was keenly aware of the great value behind these works. After that, all relevant people in the industry smelled rotten flesh like flies and became enthusiastic about these mysterious works. Murphy began investigating the past of this mysterious painter named Vettel Diss.
Vettel's paintings seem to have infinite magic and life, people are attracted to them, and fate is also controlled by them ...

6. The Prodigy

A young mother, because of her 8-year-old son's disturbing behavior, believes that something supernatural may affect it.

7. Happy Death Day 2U

In the car parked on the side of the road, Huang Maozi Ryan (Fei Wu Phi Vu) was awakened by the horns of other cars. He walked down and walked into the campus and into the laboratory. Due to the huge energy consumption of the device being studied, the dean of the college was furious and ordered Ryan to stop the research project. The bad thing didn't stop there. Soon afterwards, he was killed by a masked guy. However, he woke up again and found that he was still lying in the car, and everything that happened next was the same as in Dreamland. Ryan panicked and found her good friend Carter Davis (Isher Brossard Israel Broussard) and his girlfriend Tylie Gelbman (Jessica Rothe).
This rebirth of life and death is no longer familiar to Taylor. She first told Ryan about her experience, and then told him that the only way to stop the reincarnation was to find the killer. Then, not only did they discover that Ryan's device seemed to be a cause of reincarnation, but Terry returned to that terrible morning again ...

8. Us

The film is about a couple named Adelaide and Gabe taking their children to the beach for a holiday. This was once Adelaide ’s childhood entertainment place, but Adelaide could n’t escape from the pain in the past. He felt more and more that his family was going to have a disaster

9. Pet Sematary

Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a family of three affected by evil forces buried deep underground after moving to a new home next to a pet graveyard.

10. The Curse of La Llorona