The ultimate film list for 2019, it depends on you this month!

In a blink of an eye, to the end.

Have you achieved the goals you set last year?

If not, you have to hurry up.

It's December and the number of good movies worth watching is not a lot.

                                                                  " Jumanji:The Next Level "
                                                                   Genre: Action, Science Fiction

As a sequel to the global explosion, "Bravesman 2: Reach the Peak" is even bigger.

In order to rescue the disappeared companions, the four brave men traveled to the out of control game world for a thrilling adventure.

This time, there are more scenes and more difficult levels.

Jungle, snow-capped mountains, deserts ... all kinds of big scenes followed, and Boulder Johnson was still brave, carrying the audience.

                                                                                         Ad Astra

This is not a mainstream space science fiction film.

And it is more like a space-themed family movie.

Strange radio waves came from space, endangering human security. Brad Pitt plays Roy, an aerospace engineer, whose father went to Neptune 20 years ago in search of alien life, but the mission failed without a message. Roy was sent to find out the truth of the strange radio waves. In the process, he also encountered his disappeared father and found the root of all the problems ...

It does not rely on creating visual wonders or intense drama conflicts to satisfy the audience. The ending of the film will disappoint all audiences who are looking forward to a "climax battle".

                                                                                                          " Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "
                                                                                                            Genre: Action, Science Fiction


After the end of the story of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the trilogy finally ushered in the climax. This film is the third work of the trilogy after the Star Wars, and the ninth work and the final chapter of "Skywalker Legend". One year after Luke Skywalker turned into a Jedi hero, the remaining resistance will once again face the First Order. At the same time, the battle between the Jedi and Sith brought the legend of Skywalker to the end.

Ok, so I have listed so many, so let's talk about the movie you are most looking forward to ~