This 1 billion R-rated film is full of fragrance!

Old Town Florence, Italy, is put on a car chase drama.

A show full of air, fluorescent green Alfa Romeo sports cars on the run.

The streets of the ancient city drove wildly and flew into the enemy.

The speeding car exploded, grabbing the eyes with your bare hands, the forklift forks people, flashing headshots, and plasma splashing ...

This exciting scene comes from the film "6 Underground".

Netflix launched this action film, which cost $ 150 million (about 1 billion yuan) last week, but it is an "online movie" that is not shown in theaters but only on Netflix.

At the beginning of this 20-minute car chase, the explosion scenes and the number will almost catch up with the full speed and passion 8.

What is a ghost?

Traces of the dead. Although the six people in the film are living people, they have lost contact with the world.

In other words, there is no trace of their existence in this world.

Cut off all your past and everything in the world.

Hidden under the eyes of people, like ghosts can not make people understand their identity and whereabouts.

Perform tasks at critical moments, and the way to do it is simple and rude: control violence with violence.

There are 6 ghost organizations.

The No. 1 billionaire is the core of this team, the founder and the gold owner.

As a kid, he was a genius. After becoming a billionaire, he wanted to save the world, but he found that there are far more people saved through donations and charities than those killed by evil forces.

So it was decided to form a team against them.

No. 2 is an outstanding agent who used to be the CIA and can fight against.

Even if you are shot in the abdomen in a speeding car, you can pick up a gun to blast the enemy's head.

No. 3 was a professional killer and was employed by others.

During a mission, he killed the little girl's only relative in the world, and from then on, his conscience began to be restless and he wanted to make up for it.

No. 4 Skywalker, the top flying thief, loves extreme sports, rock climbing and parkour are no exception.

Doctor No.5, Assistant Department.

Superb technology, in the process of stimulating bumpy chase, can still take bullets for surgery.

Driver 6. However, the brother was killed in a drag racing scene at the beginning.

This organization is strange.

Not only do they not call each other by name, they only call their code names.

And once someone dies, the newcomer is not a substitute but a pick.

After No. 6 sacrifice, No. 1 finds new member No. 7.

No. 7 was a special soldier who had watched his brother and an entire barracks blow up.

He had the opportunity to save, but was forced to execute the order and not allowed to fire.

No. 1 finds him and promises him that no one will stop him from firing in the future.

With the personnel in place, the ultimate mission will begin.

All they have to do is-launch a coup.

The previous generation of Turkistan had two children in power.

After his death, his brother Lovac took power.

But he was very brutal and authoritarian, and he did not hesitate to use poison gas to resist the rebels to maintain his rule.

His brother Murat, contrary to him, advocates peace and democracy, but has been placed under house arrest by his brother.

No. 1 of their organization is to overthrow Lovak's rule and let his younger brother Murat take power.

The team has changed since the 7th.

In the course of their mission, if a member did not escape in time or was in danger, no one would rescue him.

Will be abandoned ruthlessly, can you survive on your own?

However, when Murat was rescued, No. 4 nearly died, No. 7 forced No. 1 to stop, and saved No. 4's life.

It was also at this time that they knew each other's names.

The rescue mission is complete, and the next step is to return to Turkistan to use the public's support and calls for Murat on the Day of the Dead to launch this coup.

While on the cruise ship reporting party, Lovac, who is carnival, 6 people will sneak in, catch him, and throw him into the people who can't wait to kill him.

However, this team is still very new and has not been running for a long time. It will inevitably encounter various troubles in the process.

Will No. 1 abandon his companions, will the 6-member team be able to complete the task alive?

What exciting, fierce, bloody killing will happen on that luxury cruise ship?

No more spoilers here.

The film still follows the explosive aesthetics of director Michael Bay.

Constant explosions explode again.

Fist to the meat, knife to knife seeing blood, one shot headshot is still in slow motion, especially shocking and addictive, each explosion lens is extremely beautiful and dying.

As an R-rated film, in addition to the car that ca n’t be blown up,

In the scenes of spurting blood and exploding the extremities, there are also some fragrant scenes.

For example, the bed scene after No. 1 in the bar, and the scene where No. 2 and No. 3 can't wait beside the body after completing the mission.

Enough to do whatever you want.

In short, regarding this film, if you are a fan who has high requirements for the plot, you are advised to give up directly, this film must not be your dish.

But on the contrary, if you are on a boring night and want to take your time to watch a cool movie without your mind, then congratulations, this movie will be a very good choice ~