What are the top three best movies in 2019

What do you think are the top three movies for 2019? Here is a summary of the top three best-looking movies in 2019 voted by netizens, and see if you like them?

1. The Lighthouse(2019)

The time background is set in Nova Scotia, Canada, at the beginning of the last century. The protagonist is an elderly lighthouse watcher (Dafu), and the story revolves around the mysterious events of the sailing world.

it’s a film about guilt, shame and greed (and the psychosis it begets) that exudes cramped, soggy malevolence. Dafoe’s curse to the maritime gods is an all-timer, and a superb Pattinson matches his sloshed, wild-eyed lunacy step for floorboard-creaking step. Eggers eventually drowns his material in slithering sexualized imagery of a crazed sort, and caps things off in a manner that’s all the more cautionary-tale haunting for remaining so unforgettably oblique.

2. Marriage Story

Discussing marriage and love in a divorce event, directed by Noah Baumbach, Adam Dreyfus as a playwright, Scarlett Johnson as a female star, and the two had to move to New York and Los Angeles because of their respective jobs Divorced, starring Laura Dunn and Greta Gweig. Netflix participated in the production.

3.The Irishman

"Irish" is a legendary masterpiece directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Percy. From the perspective of World War II veteran Frank Hillan, the story of organized crime in the United States after the war is told. Frank Hillan is a liar and killer who once worked with the most notorious figures of the 20th century. The film spans decades and chronicles one of the largest outstanding cases in American history, the disappearance of the legendary union leader Jimmy Hoffa, with a grand story journey showing the hidden passages of organized crime: its internal operations, the enemy, and A connection with mainstream politics.